Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We help customers with applied machine learning models built into their business as usual processes. We do segmentation, customer and offer level affinity models, campaign response models across various channels and next best offer recommendation models to increase EBIT from X Sell  and customer loyalty. With our machine learning based targeting our customers reached 2-6 times higher CTR and booking rates vs control group. We do value based churn modelling to support efficient value based retention efforts.

Increase Cross-Sell efficiency with Machine Learning

Marketers holy grail is to find right answers of basic questions of targeting: To whom, what to offer, when to offer at what price. A popular saying illustrating how difficult it was to qualify the response to advertising is attributed to John Wanamaker:“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. According to our experience X-Sell campaign response rates are actually much lower. Vast majority of campaign response rates -not supported by machine learning models- are between 1%- 5% depending on industry.
One of the most common goal of our Machine Learning projects is to increase efficiency of X-Sell campaigns. In such projects we do analyse data from past campaigns and build response models or  in case of campaign based analysis is not possible, we build look-a-like models based on portfolio overlap. Then we do score customers based on their affinity of given offer. We build profit charts and optimize campaign audience based on customer affinity score, cost per targeting (call, email), estimated revenue from successful X-Sell. We apply test and control methodology to validate model and campaign success results. Results are highly dependent on industry, market environment and available data quality. In our projects we have seen 2X-6X higher response rates increase for X Sell campaigns where audience selected based on Machine Learning models versus control group. With our solution partners we also help our customers to integrate machine learning results into their core BAU processes via automating entire process.

Machine Learning based Churn Models & Attrition Models

Primary objective – from analytics perspective – of churn management projects is to identify high probability to churn or attrition segment within Portfolio. While we build machine learning, churn predictive models we do identify and share with the customers key drivers of attrition, churn. We also recommend and implement action steps based on findings. We build descriptive dashboards to measure Churn Management Performance based on saved customer value.

Big Data vs Machine Learning

Sales and Marketing managers expect answers to “simple” core questions from Marktech vendors: What to sell? To whom? When? At what price? On which channel? With which feature?
Big Data usually sold to business decision makers as philosophers stone as an ultimate solution to understand their customers needs.
Most of the Technology Vendors Big Data efforts tend to focus on storing and processing large volume of data in a cost and time efficient way on premise or preferably in the Cloud.
There are a couple of use cases where data collected by big data solution can have a significant impact on Machine Learning algorithm performance.
Machine Learning can help with sophisticated answers for most of core questions with or without data from a Big Data source. We have achieved up to 6 times response rate increase via ML driven campaigns compared to control group only on data from core and CRM systems without any big data source. We have achieved 30% response rate via combining Big Data event driven campaign solution with Machine Learning.

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Our consultants have decades of cumulative experience in machine learning, we have built 100+ machine learning models across multiple industries from banking to e-commerce across multiple geographies.


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